Joanie Brooks   
Nia 1st Degree Black Belt Teacher  Nia Trainer
Mindful Change Coach, BCC
Journey Dance Guide
DoTerra Product Consultant

About Joanie

I am a nationally certified Nia 1st Degree Black-Belt teacher and Nia Trainer, offering Nia classes, Nia White Belt trainings, and Nia workshops.  I have 20 years of Nia Technique experience and bring creativity, laughter, compassion and enthusiasm to my Nia work.  My mission is to share the joy of Nia with everyBody & to help others reclaim their body's natural way of moving.  Nia has awakened my inner child, and has made me feel timeless, ageless and weightless. I now stay fit by dancing, laughing, skipping and playing on the floor.  I want everyBody to feel joy and pleasure in their body, and live into their potential!

I am a Sacred Warrior, a teacher and healer to all people. My life purpose is awaken the human healing potential.  I fulfill this purpose with every Nia class, workshop and training.  Nia heals my body, mind, and spirit.  My professional purpose is to share Nia across the world to help everyBody reach their potential and live a life of pleasure. 

Joanie is also a Journey Dance Guide, Laughter Yoga Leader, Board Certified Mindful Change Coach, a DoTerra Essential Oils Representative, and a Certified Project Management Professional.

Photographs by Suzanne Abbott Photography


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